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Here in Queens, New York, tow trucks are often used to transport disabled, illegally parked, or impounded vehicles. It would help if you utilized a tow truck to fix your problem when your car breaks down or you are in an accident. The car being towed’s weight can be supported by tow trucks.

Types of Tow Trucks

There are different kinds of tow truck near me, but they may be divided into two main categories: those that pull by elevating one section of the car and those that tow by placing the entire vehicle on its flat surface.

Boom – Use a mobile boom with a winch, which is growing in popularity, to free a car from a ditch or other impasse. Some booms can’t move, but others are hydraulically propelled and can rotate, converting the truck into a crane typically utilized in collisions involving large cars. The wheel lift incorporates chains and hooks resembling a huge metal yoke. Fitted beneath the front or rear wheels to serve as a cradle. A hydraulic hoist lifts the car off the ground so it may be towed.

Integrated – This is where the boom and the wheel are integrated, usually mounted on light-duty trucks.

Flatbed– A hydraulically inclined flatbed slid back to ground level is attached to the back of the tow vehicle.

Advantages of Using Flatbed Tow Truck

  • The back of flatbed tow trucks is equipped with a flatbed where the towed automobiles are secured.
  • If the car has been in an accident, it stops further harm from occurring. Contrary to other procedures, which include pulling the vehicle being transported, with this one the entire vehicle is placed on the flat platform and is not moved.
  • When pulling hooks and chains are used to connect the vehicles, this may result in the towed car’s bumper being damaged when the truck runs over a bump or strikes a hole. Since the car is securely tied to the flatbed, this is prevented. It is very safe to move vehicles using flatbed tow trucks.
  • When towing vehicles by pulling, the car being moved is in motion posing a danger to pedestrians and other road users because of its movement and also since the movement of the towing truck controls it.
  • Sometimes, it is the only feasible method for moving a totaled car. It is the only choice because the vehicle cannot move if the wheels or axle of the car are destroyed.
  • Since the vehicle is loaded onto the truck without any changes, such as removing the drive shaft, which is done when using other methods to prevent transmission damage, flatbed towing trucks save a lot of time.
  • Simple to load because all that is required is to drive the vehicle up to the flatbed; if it is broken, a winch can be used.

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