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If you ever break down, your first thought is probably, “Where can I find a towing service near me?” Nobody likes waiting for a tow truck. Many things can go wrong on the road – a flat tire, a fuel leak, or other incidents. A breakdown can be very stressful. When you need to have your car towed, you want professional, reliable service fast. Every second counts when you need to get your car off the road.

What do you have to do in the event of a breakdown?

If the vehicle breaks down, there are a few things you, as the driver, should be aware of. Switch on the hazard warning lights and place a breakdown triangle at least 50 m from the breakdown area (100 m in front of your vehicle on the motorway).
The orange emergency telephones at the edge of the Highway are intended for serious emergencies such as accidents and breakdowns. If you’re driving on the Highway and your vehicle breaks down, you can use it to call for help. Then stay behind the guardrail until rescue arrives.
Check the fuel in the tank. If there is still enough fuel in the tank, we recommend you check (observe) exactly when irregularities first appeared. This can help you locate the defect.
If possible, try to locate a technical defect visually at this point (a connector that has fallen off, a burned cable, a defective V-belt, etc.). This allows you to make a more targeted assessment of which repair work needs to be carried out and which spare parts should be ordered.
We do not recommend attempting repairs before contacting a towing service in your area if you have little or no technical knowledge in this area. In most cases, this leads to further damage to your vehicle or, worst case, to an accident with personal injury.

How do I determine my location to notify the towing service?

Determine your location using a map app

Many smartphone owners use navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps. Having your phone with you is a promising way of tracking your location, provided you have internet access.

Determine your location with a GPS device

Do you have a GPS device in your car? It allows you to pinpoint your location and accurately share the information with others. In most cases, there is even the option of sending the information via SMS or email.

Determine your location by asking a bystander

If none of these options work for you, find someone who knows and ask where exactly you are. If that’s not possible, have someone who can describe how far you are from certain landmarks so emergency responders can find the scene more quickly.

Request A Towing Service After A Breakdown

In the event of a breakdown, the quickest way to get help is to call the nearest towing service in your area. Towing companies will send a tow truck to your location and get you and your vehicle safely to their workshop. They offer a range of roadside assistance services, including flat tire repair, battery topping, fluid topping, and complete mechanical work.

When requesting assistance, please have the following information ready.

  1. Exact location (street address or motorway kilometers)
  2. License plate number
  3. Description of the vehicle (make and model)
  4. Color of the vehicle

How do I find a towing service near me?

When you’re on the road, and your car breaks down, it’s important to stay calm. Panic is not helpful in this situation. Instead, follow these steps to find the right towing service in your area for your needs.
Call the roadside assistance number listed on your insurance card or ask a friend or family member if you don’t have roadside assistance. This is usually the quickest way to find a reputable towing service in your area.
If you can’t contact anyone this way, use Google Maps or other mapping software to search for “tow truck near me” or “tow truck near me” and select a few services.

Once you’ve picked a few towing services in your area, check their reviews online – and compare their prices and availability.
Call the Queen’s towing service if you are in Queens or close to the city of Queens. We are the fastest service provider in the area.


The most important thing is that you stay calm and informed. You know you have options and should carefully consider what works best for your situation. Ultimately, you want to ensure you get your vehicle to a safe location as quickly as possible and in intact condition.
If your car breaks down on a route, you should contact a towing service in your area. If your vehicle is not working properly and you need assistance, you should seek assistance immediately.
The internet is the easiest way to get information about local towing services. You can search online directories or Google Maps to find out what towing companies are near your location. However, queens Towing is simply a phone call away call us now at (646) 736-1893 to book towing and roadside assistance in Queens New York, and its surrounding Areas.

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