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Welcome to Queens Towing Service

A trusted and reliable company, serving in New York for more than 14 years. From heavy-duty or light-duty towing to any road assistance, we are available for our customers. Our highly experienced drivers with special equipment now get enough experience to handle any towing or roadside assistance situation. Whether you need a jumpstart, a flat tire changing service, or need a towing company near me, we will always be there to help you when no one is around. If your car stops suddenly just because of an empty fuel tank, give us a call and our team will reach you in less than 30 minutes with a fuel tank. Because Queens Towing understands that car troubles can happen at any time, and how terrible the situation becomes when no one is there to help you. Our team is dedicated to providing fast and reliable services, consider your problem as ours, so try their best to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Contact us at (646) 777-2414 whenever or wherever you need towing service near me!

24-Hour Towing Company In New York

New York is the most populous city where you find multiple towing services but few of them provide a 24-hour service. We take pride in providing a quick service to our customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Yes, you read right even on Christmas or any other public holidays our team is available for any towing or road assistance service. Because we completely understand that an emergency can happen at any time, that’s why our professional and licensed staff is available 24/7 to serve you. Our towing truck will reach your location within our estimated arrival time which is less than 30 minutes. Also, give the best possible to get back your vehicle on the road within the least possible time. Queens Towing has a huge variety of heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, and other towing trucks, tow truck nyc provides towing services for all types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and big trucks. Our team is also available 24/7 for any road assistance service too.

We Have Been Providing Towing to the People of New York City for 14 Years

In New York and other mentioned areas, Queen Towing has provided a towing service and road assistance for the past 14 years. Yes, we have been a part of this business for 14 years, now gained enough experience to handle any situation professionally. Our availability is 24 hours, which means whether it’s a holiday or a working day, the weather condition is good or bad we are just one call away from you. If you need a jump-start, a tire change, or a tow, Queens Towing Service has you covered. The procedure is too easy and quick, you just have to call us and we will guide you on which service you need. After this, our towing truck will reach your location in less than 30 minutes, and make every possible solution to get your vehicle back on the road in the least possible time.

We Have a Professional Towing Team

Queens Towing only has expertise, professional, certified, and licensed drivers that completely know how to handle all types of towing and roadside assistance situations. We understand how unsafe and terrible it is to be stuck in the middle of the road when there is no one to help you. Our team is highly trained to rescue you and make the entire process stress-free for you. Because we know the situation becomes worse when the staff are not experts in their work and don’t know how to cope out the customer from the helpless situation. With our fast and affordable services, towing service nyc develops the trust of its customers for the past 13 years. Now it has become one of the top towing websites in New York City. Our dedicated team is always available to help you, just give us a call at (646) 777-2414 even when you don’t have any idea about your location. We will find your location and in less than 30 minutes of our arrival time, WE WILL BE THERE!

Are We Service


Queens Towing is proud to provide towing in Manhattan, our team is available 24/7 for your assistance.


For all towing needs or other services like jump starts, flat tire changes, lockouts, and fuel delivery you can contact us for towing service in Queens as well.


Our services are available in Brooklyn too, which is a borough of New York City

Why Choose Us

We offer the cheapest pricing range of all services without any hidden charges, so keep in mind Queens Towing will not cost heavy damage to your pocket, for any kind of service or road assistance you need.

Flat Tire Service In Queens

Flat Tire

If you are facing a flat tire while on your way to Queens or its surroundings. Looking for instant flat tire rescue, contact Queens Towing. Our services is fully loaded with all the equipment required to rescue this situation.

Battery Jump Start In Queens

Battery Jump Start

With almost 10 years of expert services in starting vehicles with discharged batteries in areas of Queen NYC. We are certified towing specialists to meet all your towing needs for your car promptly and professionally 24/7.

Motorcycle Towing In Queens

Motorcycle Towing

We offer the latest motorcycle towing and towing system solutions to ensure proper protection and safe transportation of your motorcycle to the destination you provide or we could provide overnight storage for your motorcycle if required.

Lockout Service In Queens

Lockout Service

We have the equipment required to give you automobile transponder keys that you don't need to pay for an expensive trip to the dealer or tow your car. Your issues will be resolved in the same amount of time when you work, allowing you to get back on the road swiftly.

Blocked Driveway In Queens

Junk Car Removal

Call Queens Towing if you want an emergency service for a junk car removal. A tow vehicle will be dispatched by our representative to take your car. Being the best-rated towing company in NYC results from our commitment to fair pricing.

Roadside Assistance In Queens

Roadside Assistance

Our low-price towing rates are just like a cherry on top. Call us now, and we will safely and scratch less to your vehicle, motorcycle, or RV to your desired destination. Get instant roadside assistance in Queen NYC. Towing prices are as low as $50.

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    Why Queens Towing

    Our purpose is to provide quality assistance and stable comfort to our clients, covering immediate road needs and transferring units safely and in the shortest possible time.

    Qualified Operators

    Our tow truck operators are highly trained so as not to damage your vehicle during transportation.

    New Tow Trucks

    We have state-of-the-art tow trucks that prevent your vehicle from suffering any damage.

    Towing In Just 15 Minutes!

    We guarantee the presence of a specialist who will arrive at your location in the estimated time to provide you with the help you need.

    Customer Reviews

    Many drivers rely on recommendations to choose their services as towing reviews has become crucial in these days.


    Frequently asked questions

    Get to a safe location first before taking the time to share information. Move safely to the right or left of the emergency lane if no one is hurt and the car has driven. Activate your danger lights, and place caution flares or reflective triangles on the ground. Never leave the accident area; instead, find a secure location to wait for help to come.

    Yes, Of course, Our skilled towing and roadside assistance specialists can assist you in safely changing your spare tire and removing your flat tire. We can tow your car to a mechanic or tire shop of your choice if you don’t have a spare tire.

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